Bookkeeping can not only be easy, it can be fun.

Even if you're not a numbers person!

The Small Biz Starter Kit allows you to effortlessly see, and thus increase, your profits.

Without you having to do any math at all!

say no more, i'm sold

Profit & Loss Spreadsheet

Mileage Log

Tax Deadline Calendar

Calculate your monthly, quarterly, and annual profit and loss & point out ways to increase profit without doing any math at all.

Spares you the cost and complexity of subscription based bookkeeping software.

Track your business miles in real time so you can deduct them come tax time.

Without the monthly app fee.

So you never miss a deadline and avoid getting hit with penalties and interest.

to help you keep track of your profits so you can continuously increase them, log your miles on the go, and never miss a tax deadline.

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"I use this for both businesses (business strategy & property). It is so simple to use and has enabled me to really understand the financial position of my businesses. I can clearly see where I spend my money and how I make my money. I have been able to increase my profit by making good investment decisions based on real numbers."

- Helen


"When tax season came around. I had everything organized. What a life saver!"

"I absolutely LOVE that the different categories are automatically calculated for me. This made me realize what offers were my biggest money-makers (and which were not!), as well as what categories I was spending the most in. When I purchased the Starter Kit I also hired a CPA to run payroll since I'd just created my LLC and it made my monthly submissions so easy! I actually make it a game now to open it daily and have fun adding more and more income in there. This spreadsheet has definitely been a game-changer for my business!"


"This investment saves time and makes tracking sales fun! If I tried to make a spreadsheet on my own, it would've taken so much time and effort and it wouldn't even compare to the profit/loss spreadsheet's capabilities."


10/10 would recommend!

"The small biz starter kit made it SO easy for me to keep up with revenue and expenses every single week. It gave such powerful visibility iinto exactly where the money was going and allowed me to cut expenses (which led to greater revenue) after just one month. It also showed me what products and services were generating the greatest profit so I could make smart decisions on where to spend time and marketing dollars." 


Holy Crap! Where do I start?

Purchase now for just $147

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