You have big plans for your business

What if you could make hiring and investment decisions with complete confidence? 

No longer feel like you're winging it or an imposter. 

Get complete clarity and insight in your business today without having to do any math yourself.

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Answer the question... "How much should I be paying myself!?"

Plan out your investment and hiring decisions in confidence.

Learn how much cash to keep in your bank account, and make a plan to get there.

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You’re just a few steps away from comfortable business decisions that will help you grow your impact.

the Cash Flow planner

"The videos were very self explanatory, I knew exactly where to put the numbers...”

"This tool has allowed me to easily see where I can invest to continue growing my business!"

- Kathryn

Purchase now for just $87

"It's provided sooo much clarity - I knew I was winging it before but I didn't realize just how much until now! Feel much more secure and steady in my ability to make smart decisions for my business."


"This tool gives you a guideline of what you should be getting paid as a business owner. It let's you predict future income in your business, and it helps you determine if you can afford to make that investment you have been thinking about!"


"The CFF tool will singlehandedly give you the clarity and insight you need to feel in control of your business without having to worry about doing the math yourself. It's reliable, expert guidance you can count on even if you don't have a finance person on your team"


Purchase now for just $87

Get the Cashflow planner

Be your Own CFO

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get?

This is a google sheet template - you'll make a copy and it's yours for life! You'll also have access to any updates I make in the future.

What will I need to have ready to use this?

1. A business

2. A rough estimate of your monthly recurring costs. We don't break things down in detail here, it's for big picture planning. (Don't have these ready? Check out my Small Biz Starter Kit.

Will I have to buy a new one next year?

Nope! The template is yours to keep. You can make as many copies as you want and use them year after year.

I'm bad with numbers.

That's not a question, and I don't believe you. :)

The good news is this product does all the math for you - calculating your ending bank balance for each month, calculating your estimated profit, even spitting out numbers for how much to pay yourself.

DIY'ing not your thing?

There's a bookkeeper for that. Let me do your books so you can do better things.

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